• FilmmakingEnsuring you have a quality education at the end of the course.
  • ActingCarving a body so that it can adapt multiple roles.
  • Specialised Courses Making Film directing, editing & shooting an easier process.
  • Personality Development Helping people in becoming a better version of themselves.s
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We have arrived at a part in the Indian Cinema timeline, in which we have a vast audience looking at films from multiple perspectives. From films that excel to a scale larger than life, to films which touch the grounds of pure realism, our audience tastes every flavor of the Indian cinema. Our motto is to train our students’ minds not only to craft a piece of art but to also give it their own individuality. We believe, any piece of creation will have a part of the creator’s heart and thus every creation should have a shine of its own.

Star Film Academy is the place, where one can begin a journey on the roads to success. We do not only want to educate our students to become Industry specialists, but our motive is also to give our students the guidance to conquer any obstacle and become better leaders in life.


Come face to face with the knowledge & realities of making a Film.


Become the Captain of the Ship by learning to work in a team.


Learn to become the performer that fits any role!


Learn to capture picturesque & enlightening frames and motion pictures..


Learn not only technical, but also the aesthetic behind making a scene eye- catching!

Plan of Action

Putting together the right sources of knowledge to mold a brilliant future in the Film Making Industry.


Each program is designed so that the students are constantly involved with using industry standard equipment for their assignments and practices.


Creating minds which can easily multitask and apply themselves into any field of Film Making.


Our conservatory department, places a higher emphasis on practical performance training than the theoretical training. This is where the students will be put into practicing in their desired field of interest.


For those who consider to sharpen their skills, SFA offers a wide selection of immersive, hands-on workshops, where working industry professionals teach students to create their own original work.

What Our Student Say

  • “I had the time of my life and it really ignited my passion for acting. The instructors and their personal connection with the kids was amazing. I made friends from around the globe and has maintained those relationships. I think it is important for kids to see how big and different the world is…to broaden their horizon”


    “She returned last weekend, ecstatic over the three weeks of summer school, with all her dreams not only intact, but reinforced by what she’d learnt, how she’d performed, the new friends that she’d made, but most of all, by the support she’d received from the star films staff, who so positively and enthusiastically challenged her to follow her dream.”


  • “I had a terrific time in the program. I walked on air every day afterwards and would lead the family in acting games at the dinner table. Thank you for all your help.”


    The course was amazing! The best experience with the best equipment and setup. It felt like I was actually on set. I learnt so much and the instructors were fantastic. Thanks for a great experience.”