Industry credentials of our Faculty Panel

Arif Khan – Founder & Chairman

Arif Khan is a celebrated Bollywood Producer, having worked on multiple renowned movies. Mr. Khan is better known through his own production house – Vaartul Films Pvt. Ltd., and his independent movie project – Kaluwa, starring Nishant Malkhani and Naziya Husain.

Ms. Archana Singh – Dean & President

A self-made, well established woman is always an inspiration to many. She not only inspires but also passes on her knowledge and wisdom to the many who interact with her. Her mission is to create individuals who are not only talented and skilled, but also understand the market and the industry’s mechanisms.

“They should not only learn; but also unlearn and apply their skills in their own individual manner. They should have the confidence to mold their stories in ways which no one has ever had, be it in the terms of editing, directing or even in terms of shooting it. They should have the strength to stand by their piece of work. Only when they recognize their work, will they have the courage make it recognizable.”

Mr. Tejas Sanjay Bhatt – Creative Head

A fresh mind with fresher perspectives is always a major requirement of any booming industry. Mr. Tejas S. Bhatt has achieved a Bachelor’s in Science degree in the field of Filmmaking and has specialized in the craft of Film Editing. He has been through the entire process of the three main stages of crafting a film also known as the “Pre Pro Post” stages. Through editing, he has achieved a better understanding of film directing and also screen writing, giving him a better overall understanding of the mechanisms of this field.

“There is a right time to everything; a right time to observe, a right time to capture, and a right time to create. If one has understood this, then there is no way one can be misled on their path to great achievements. Same goes for this industry and my goal is not only to teach Films but to also engrave this message in my students”

MELESSIA D. SWAMY – Head of Student Productions

Mrs. Melessia has dealt with multiple kinds of personals and has a great amount of experience in handling and managing students. She too has a very strict opinion on the rights of students and their requirements. She will be handling all the requirements of the student body when they come to their practical stage of film making.

“Every student has to have the practical knowledge and experience of working on a set and working as a team. There will always be obstacles but while at Star Film Academy, we will assure that nothing comes in the way of our students while they learn how to fulfill their destinies.”